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safety on tracks
Sicherheit im Bahnverkehr

Our innovative solutions ensure the security and safety for railway construction & maintenance locations and level crossings across Europe and further locations globally.

The certified Locomotive Control systems facilitate and ensure the controlled  work of railway personnel in depots and shunting yards.


track workers in action


Current construction sites on Swiss tracks


Warning signals per minute


News about our products and the company


Level crossings successfully replaced in Hagneck, Bern

In May, the Schweizer Electronic team replaced three level crossings of Aare Seeland mobil in the Bernese municipality of Hagneck within only two night shifts and successfully put them back into operation. Further projects will follow.


Network Rail UK grants approval for Flex MSL

After several months of test operation, the Flex MSL level crossing system from Schweizer Electronic receives the "Certificate of Acceptance" from Network Rail in May.


Two new Flex level crossings near Bremen successfully put into operation

Two new Flex level crossing systems from Schweizer Electronic were installed on time at the end of April in Delmenhorst near Bremen, Germany. The compact drives were particularly impressive.

From the company

Interview Neil Bradbury, UK Managing Director, Schweizer Electronic

Sam Sherwood-Hale, Editor of Rail Professional spoke to Neil Bradbury, Managing Director Schweizer Electronic UK, about the company’s new direction for the coming years, his technical background and experience in the military.


Complete renewal of the BLT Waldenburgerbahn line

The "Communication-Based Train Control" system (CBTC) is being used for the first time in Switzerland. The Schweizer Electronic Flex level crossing systems will be connected to the modern system via an adapted interface.


First Flex level crossing system in operation in Finland

In December 2020, the first Flex level crossing system was put into operation in Finland. The pilot project was realised in a short time despite high demands.


PKP Cargo Service [Poland] relies on our LocControl100 RS for the future

With this decision, PKP Cargo Service, member of the PKP Cargo group - the largest railway freight carrier in Poland and second largest in the EU - aims to further increase safety.