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Permanently installed level crossings

Level crossing Vamos

Brief information

Vamos – System for low traffic level crossings

Vamos is a light sign system without barriers and is often used to secure pedestrian and other low traffic level crossings. The system is certified to SIL4.

Contact sales

Rental of warning systems (M2S):
+41 62 749 0 777 (7x24h)

Machine warning systems (MWK):
+41 62 749 0 695

Permanent warning systems (PWA/ISP):
+41 62 749 0 771 (7x24h)

Level crossings (flex/eBue):
+41 62 749 0 772 (7x24h)


These are the individual components


We offer this service


We have our own experienced installation team that installs our level crossings competently and efficiently. Our fitters will also install other systems such as point heating systems, other safety systems or cable systems on your behalf. Please contact us for further information.

Education and training

You can find more information at: Training level crossings


You can find more information at: Level Crossings Maintenance

On-call service

Benefit from telephone support and our on-call service. If you have any problems or questions, our hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are not talking to a call centre, but directly to our technicians with many years of practical experience. In an emergency, our experts can also be called out and help on site within a short time.

Leasing of temporary level crossings

You can find more information at: Leasing of temporary level crossing

  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Robust and well thought-out concept
  • Independent and continuous monitoring of important parameters such as battery condition or closing times
  • Immediate notification via SMS or e-mail in case of deviations or faults
  • Preventive maintenance only every 10 years
  • Remote diagnosis possible anywhere and at any time
  • Use of industrial components
  • Freely procurable assemblies without obsolescence problems
  • Widely used, reliable technology
  • Very low life cycle cost (LCC)
  • Uniform, flexible and freely scalable system platform
  • One system for all applications
  • Freely configurable and expandable
  • Multiple interfaces to outdoor installations and for interlocking connection
  • Compact design / Easy training / Simple spare parts stock
  • Intelligent cable and supply system
  • Low material and installation costs / Low energy consumption / Flexible supply concepts

Video Vamos