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Brief information

Thanks to its modular design, the Flex Barr barrier offers cost effective and manpower advantages. The individual elements can be simply transported to the installation site using a normal passenger car. The assembly of the light but very robust GRP parts using the wrapping technique can be carried out quickly and easily by a single person. Simply plug them together, tighten the clamps, and you're done. Flex Barr is available in lengths from 2 m to 12 m and can be equipped with hanging grids, breakage monitoring and barrier lighting - suitable for every application.

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  • Robust and durable to provide a lifecycle in excess of 25 years due to the use of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Modular design for easy transport, simple assembly and cost-effective repair
  • Lengths up to 12 m available
  • Rigging, hanging grating and pendulum support available
  • Electrical breakage monitoring and lighting can be equipped
Important features

Robust and durable

Flex Barr is robust, durable and weather resistant. The use of glass fibre reinforced plastic makes this barrier as light as it is resistant. Wind loads of over 120 km/h are no problem for Flex Barr and the life expectancy is over 25 years.

Wide field of application

Flex Barr meets all requirements of the EN50123-5 standard and covers a length range from 2 m to 12 m. Versatile accessories such as hanging grids, bracing and pendulum supports as well as additional functions such as turnpike lighting or electrical breakage monitoring leave nothing to be desired.

Also optimal in case of accidents

In the event of damage, which is often caused by cars or trucks, Flex Barr offers clear advantages. The risk of injury is very low because Flex Barr does not splinter in the event of breakage. Due to the self-insulating material, personal safety is guaranteed at all times, even if the barrier comes into contact with the overhead contact line. The repair costs also remain manageable, as in most cases only one element breaks, which can be replaced without any problems.


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