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Brief information

Flex Drive combines proven mechanics with the latest and highly reliable electrical engineering. The sinusoidal lever system allows short opening and closing times with smooth operation and locks the barrier boom securely in both end positions - for maximum availability and trouble-free operation. The use of super capacitors optimises the current flow and eliminates mains current peaks during motor start-up. This enables low-cost supply lines with a small cross-section and an optimised power supply. The Flex Drive is available in two sizes, different motor voltages and different speeds.

Contact sales

Rental of warning systems (M2S):
+41 62 749 0 777 (7x24h)

Machine warning systems (MWK):
+41 62 749 0 695

Permanent warning systems (PWA/ISP):
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Level crossings (flex/eBue):
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  • Increases safety
  • Avoids damaged or worn out barriers
  • Laser sensor (lidar) for reliable detection
  • Lowest life cycle costs
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Compact, inconspicuous and vandal-proof
  • Freely configurable shape of the danger zone
  • Developed according to EN50126 / EN50129
Important features

Highest reliability and availability

The simple design with the proven sinusoidal lever system, operation without counterweight and the robust mechanical design of the drive ensure maximum availability and reliability.

Wide field of application

The flexible power supply from 24 VDC to 400 VAC, the possibility to mount different round or rectangular barrier types as well as the ease of mounting on different standard foundations allow a wide range of applications.

Replacement buckles

The innovative, patented safe closing concept is based on supercapacitors and ensures safe and complete closing within the regular closing times in the event of a power failure.


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