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Temporary level crossings

Level crossing Flex Mobile

Brief information

The Flex mobile level crossing control system, developed for temporary use, impresses with its simple operation and modular design. Thanks to its compact design, the Flex Mobil can be easily transported and quickly assembled - and is fully operational within two hours. This means that temporary level crossings can be reliably secured, for example on construction sites or where the permanent system is out of service. Flex Mobil fulfils all the requirements for a technical aid for level crossing posts (TH-BÜP), including post-warning and automatic replacement closing.

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Rental of warning systems (M2S):
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Machine warning systems (MWK):
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Permanent warning systems (PWA/ISP):
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Level crossings (flex/eBue):
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We offer this service


We have our own experienced installation team that installs our level crossings competently and efficiently. Our fitters will also install other systems such as point heating systems, other safety systems or cable systems on your behalf. Please contact us for further information.

Education and training

You can find more information at: Training level crossings


You can find more information at: Level Crossings Maintenance

On-call service

Benefit from telephone support and our on-call service. If you have any problems or questions, our hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are not talking to a call centre, but directly to our technicians with many years of practical experience. In an emergency, our experts can also be called out and help on site within a short time.

Leasing of temporary level crossings

You can find more information at: Leasing of temporary level crossing

  • Light and compact - easy to transport
  • Quickly assembled - ready for operation within 2 hours
  • Easy to operate - reliable and safe
  • Low energy consumption through LED technology
  • Flexible use due to impact barrier in different lengths
About the system

Simple operation

The central control unit of the Flex Mobil is simple and clearly laid out and allows intuitive and fatigue-free working - so that the level crossing guard can concentrate fully on his task.

Safe after-warning system

The Flex Mobil is a complete level crossing protection system that fully meets the high safety requirements in the railway environment. Even if the level crossing guard commits an omission or makes a mistake, safety is always guaranteed. Flex Mobil detects approaching trains safely and reliably and closes the barriers fully automatically if necessary.