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Commissioning of level crossings on the Waldenburgerbahn

Schweizer Electronic puts level crossings from Liestal to Hölstein on the new Waldenburg railway line into operation by the end of September 2022.

At the end of September, Schweizer Electronic AG successfully handed over the major project with 13 new level crossing systems for the Waldenburgerbahn of BLT Baselland Transport AG to test operation.
The new systems receive their commands via the CBTC platform (Communication-based Train Control) from Stadler Rail AG. This high-performance, two-way data communication between the vehicle and the trackside equipment ensures safe operation and gives the vehicles the driver's licence.
On the road side, alternating and single flashers as well as PMZ drives were installed for each of the new level crossing systems, and the danger area at the level crossing is additionally monitored with the Flex Eye. Furthermore, a proven Swiss Electronic Flex Drive is used for the level crossing "Kirchgasse".

The team, in particular the project management at BLT, has moved the project forward swiftly and has always come up with solutions quickly, even in the face of challenges. Thus, the close cooperation with BLT over many years has also paid off in this project and the test runs can currently take place as planned.

Level crossing Waldenburgerbahn