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Complete renewal of the BLT Waldenburgerbahn line

In December 2020, Schweizer Electronic AG won the tender for the new level crossing systems for part of line 19 (Waldenburgerbahn) of BLT Baselland Transport AG. The entire section of Line 19, which is 13 kilometres long, will be closed from April 2021 until November 2022 for the complete renewal. On one section, 13 new Flex R1.4 level crossings will be installed and 12 old systems will be dismantled and recycled.

The CBTC train control system from Stadler will be used for the first time in Switzerland. High-performance, two-way data communication between the vehicle and the trackside equipment will be used to ensure safe operation and to issue driver's indications and clearances to the vehicles. Schweizer Electronic will connect the level crossing systems to the modern system via an adapted interface.

Schweizer Electronic has already been working closely with BLT for 25 years. Over 80 level crossing systems of the types BSA, eBUe2000 and Flex are successfully in use.