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Level crossings successfully replaced in Hagneck, Bern

At the end of May, three ageing level crossings in Hagneck were completely replaced. For this purpose, the Schweizer Electronic Team dismantled the old systems and installed the modern and new Flex level crossings. In order not to interfere with Aare Seeland mobil's rail traffic, the entire reconstruction was completed in two night shifts - after which the three new level crossings were successfully in operation.
Thanks to good communication with the customer and the motivated commitment of all involved, the job was completed efficiently and successfully.

Aare Seeland mobil, which assumes an important function with passenger transport in the regions of Oberaargau, Solothurn and Seeland, is planning the realisation of various other expansion and renovation projects in the near future and will again use level crossing control systems from Schweizer Electronic AG.

Schweizer Electronic Flex in Hagneck