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Successful installation of a Vamos pilot system in Toronto

In December, a team from Schweizer Electronic travelled to Toronto, Canada, to install the first Vamos pilot system, which runs in shadow mode. This allows it to be compared directly with the current installation by Metrolinx, the responsible railway operator and regional transit authority in Ontario.
The Vamos installation, which was developed in a short time and consists of tried and tested components from the systems in use in Ireland and Finland, runs in sustainable solar operation with components from the company Phaesun and can automatically switch to grid operation as needed.
The cooperation with Metrolinx and the local partners worked excellently.
"We reached an important milestone by testing and commissioning our first Xing AWD system based on wheel sensors and axle counters. This system is operating in shadow mode at Elgin Mills Xing, on UX sub," said a satisfied feedback from the client on the commissioning of the pilot project.

Further installations planned
If the test phase of the Vamos system is successful, the chances of continuing the project and installing further systems are good.

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Vamos Toronto
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