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Brief information

The radio remote control for rail vehicles LocControl100 RS consists of the handheld transmitter and the receiver on board the vehicle. The handheld transmitter enables safe and fatigue-free operation and control of the rail vehicle. To prevent unintentional operation, the operating elements are ergonomically arranged and, where necessary, fitted with a protective device. The receiver is available in different housing designs and with different interfaces. It can therefore be integrated very flexibly and is also ideally suited for retrofitting.

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  • User interface of the transmitter configurable
  • Fatigue-free working - handheld transmitter only 1.6 kg light
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable harness
  • Durable and robust - designed for operation in harsh web environments
  • Configurable relay and CANopen interfaces
  • Various receiver housing versions are available for placement inside or outside the vehicle

Customer-specific project planning

From a catalogue of available functions, controls, feedback and interfaces, we will compile your tailor-made specification with you.

Versatile and useful accessories

The coordinated accessories with the comfortable carrying harness, the selection of approved antennas and the versatile brackets make daily use and integration into the vehicle easier.

Clear allocation - Quick replacement

The unique assignment between the portable transmitter and the receiver on the vehicle is done by means of a secure code on an RFID key that is inserted at the transmitter. This allows each transmitter to be quickly and uniquely assigned to any vehicle. If necessary, the transmitter can be exchanged within seconds.

Versatile housing forms

The receiver is available in various housing forms with protection classes up to IP65. This enables integration into the vehicle in practically any installation situation - even retrofitted / even outside the vehicle or in the engine compartment.


Technical Highlights

  • Working range of the radio link of up to over 1'000 m
  • Lightweight and ergonomic transmitter for fatigue-free operation and with high operational autonomy
  • Encrypted radio connection
  • Up to 20 locomotives can operate on the same frequency
  • Free assignment of transmitters to receivers by means of RFID key without the use of tools
  • The signal feedback to the transmitter enables brake testing and other functions
  • Complete recording of all operating and system data
  • Fire protection according to EN 45545-2
  • Multi-frequency option for cross-country operation
  • High project security through well-coordinated approval and assessment processes

Technical data

frequency band: 410 – 470 MHz
radio standard: EN 300 113, EN 300 220
Multiple operation:

Max. 20 vehicles in the same radio room (unidirectional)
Max. 10 vehicles in the same radio room (bidirectional)

Maximum response time: Manual stop = 700ms