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If software is used for control purposes, be it the control of vehicle functions or the control of machines, plants and devices, the aspect of functional safety must be taken into account. A hazard and risk analysis shows whether and under which circumstances a hazard can occur for persons or objects.

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Prof. Dr. Ossmane Krini

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We cover the following focal points for you with our competent employees:

Functional safety and security

Nowadays, not a day goes by without reading about an IT security incident, a so-called security incident, in the news. Due to the massive increase in networking and connecting devices of all kinds with the Internet, undreamt-of dangers of the information to be protected arise. We as Schweizer Electronic AG have been dealing for a long time with the question of how IT security can be properly integrated into projects for our customers. In order to achieve a satisfactory level of security, the aspects must be taken into account in all project and product phases. This is where our expert knowledge comes into play.

We would be happy to help you with your existing planning to expand the point of security, or we can go the whole way with you from the beginning. In the implementation phase, we now move on to the direct implementation of the defined measures. The aim is to reduce the identified risk to a minimum. In the following areas we can support you in your efforts to implement security correctly:

  • Planning of security areas in project environments
  • Identification of protection needs and risk analysis
  • Introduction of security processes according to the valid standards
  • Creation of IT security concepts
  • Strengthening of Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Remedial assessment and repair of web servers
  • Weak point analysis of your product or infrastructure
  • Documentation

Safety-oriented system development

Schweizer Electronic AG can­ support you in­ dealing with­ these­ problems.

We­ have­ a­ wealth of­ experience in the field:

  • the­ identification,­ specification and­ management of safety requirements­ at­ system­ and­ software level­, in­ accordance with the­ requirements of the­ current­ functional­ safety ­standards
  • in the­ development and­ adaptation of the­ necessary­ processes­,­ methods and­ tools
  • the­ analysis of the­ structure and­ implementation of­ existing­ software with regard to­ its­ functional safety­, also­ using­ special­ computer-aided­ tools
  • the­ design of the­ architecture and­ structure of­ programmes for­ safety-critical­ applications
  • the­ design of­ process and­ tool chains­ for the­ implementation of­ software for safety-critical­ applications
  • ­Processes for and­ implementation of­ integration tasks­ for­ software solutions­ for­ safety-critical­ systems
  • ­Verification­ and­ validation of­ software and system functions­ of safety-critical­ systems

­Functional safety­ often­ requires that­ the­ software that­ controls­ a system­ is protected­ against­ manipulation­ and that it is­ ensured that the­ correct­ software­ is­ in­ use. Here­ you can­ rely­ on­ our­ competence in the­ field of­ security (­data security­).

Safety analyses

We offer support in the field of safety analyses. Due to our expertise we can take over all necessary safety analyses for you:

  • Fault tree analysis,
  • Markov modelling,
  • Performance of safety calculations

Standardised test management

The proportion of software in products is growing and increasing the complexity of the E/E architecture. In times of ever tighter budgets, however, comprehensive testing of complex systems must not become more time-consuming and costly. An efficient, project-specific test strategy with a high degree of automation helps you to master this challenge. We provide you with the necessary knowledge on how to reduce your test effort in the medium term and still achieve a higher test quality. We support you in the development of test specifications. We also successfully carry out the necessary safety tests required by standards.

Identifying error sources and optimisation potentials independent of hardware availability can be an important competitive advantage for you. Eliminate deadline delays due to late detected bugs in your project by validating functions early on with virtual models (front-loading). Whether on test benches, in HiL systems or via virtual environments on the PC - a carefully planned test strategy is crucial for optimum software quality. We develop individual test strategies for you, advise you on questions regarding software quality and design and carry out tests according to international standards.