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Brief information

The Minimel Lynx RSK-R is a train detector for announcing trains for the Minimel 95 and Minimel Lynx warning system. The detection is performed using a radar sensor, which reliably identifies the train and its direction of travel. The RSK-R can be installed without work on the rail track and outside the hazardous area, thus ensuring maximum safety for the installer.

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Rental of warning systems (M2S):
+41 62 749 0 777 (7x24h)

Machine warning systems (MWK):
+41 62 749 0 695

Permanent warning systems (PWA/ISP):
+41 62 749 0 771 (7x24h)

Level crossings (flex/eBue):
+41 62 749 0 772 (7x24h)

  • Simple, quick installation by one person
  • Easy to use, light weight
  • Maximum safety for personnel, since no work is necessary on the rail track
  • Non-contact detection allows high train speeds
  • Very high safety integrity level (SIL4) with minimum need for personnel
  • Wear-free even during prolonged use
  • Open interface
  • Complete record of all train movements and operative actions
Important features

Maximum safety

The RSK-R can be mounted by one person without any work on the rail track. The mounting does not require technical aid or tools.

Maximum speed

Trains travelling with a speed of up to 240 km/h are reliably detected.

Operation and configuration

The operation is simple and easy to learn. The RSK-R can be optionally connected to a HSF-L and serve as Lynx strike-in respectively strike-out point via radio or can be integrated via cable into a Minimel 95 system.


Seamless recording of all train movements and operator actions.


The RSK-R has a potential-free interface to Minimel Lynx HSF-L or Minimel 95 and a connection for a track change cable.


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