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Brief information

The Minimel-Lynx EZE-S is the warning group controller with automatic sector switching (ASU). When a lengthy construction site has to be divided into multiple warning sectors to ensure timely warnings at minimal downtime, the EZE-S puts an end to manual recoding when changing sectors. Based on its location it automatically connects to the right warning system and forwards warnings to the members of its warning group. Warning groups consist of regular Minimel-Lynx radio warning devices or machine warning systems connected through ERRI-interface.

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  • Automatic switching to the correct warning sector - no manual recoding
  • Time saving at the sector boundaries
  • Always timely warnings based on the current location
  • Noise reduction through targeted warning where the noise is generated
  • Compatible with Minimel95 and Minimel-Lynx ATWS systems
  • Warning groups use the existing EWK-L and EWK-L-A warning devices from the Minimel-Lynx series
Important features

Up to 7 warning groups

The automatic sector switching functionality supports up to 7 warning groups per sector. Each warning group can move independently between sectors.

Universal application

Whether the construction site accommodates large track-laying machines with their own machine warning system, road-rail excavators with one warning device or mobile construction teams with their own warning devices - construction site and sequence determine the specific needs for the warning groups. Thanks to the ERRI-interface and compatibility with the Minimel-Lynx radio warning devices, the warning groups can be configured in accordance with the individual needs of the work situation on site.

Exceptional warning for special situations

If a special dangerous situation occurs after the initial warning signal has already been issued, an exceptional warning can be issued at the warning group's controller EZE-S. The warning signal is then repeated by all members of the particular warning group. The warning group of a track-laying machine supports up to 3 monitoring lookouts with HSF-L who can issue an exceptional warning.

Effective noise reduction

If the warning devices are placed directly on / close to track-laying machines, excavators and other sources of work noise, the warning signal is more effective. Track-side warning devices may be omitted to reduce the general noise level from warning signals. The fully automatic level adjustment ALADIN helps to further reduce the warning noise level.


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