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Brief information

The Minimel Lynx-EWK-L is radio controlled and the AW126-L is wired. Both are supertone horns with a sound pressure level of up to 126 dB (A) and optical warning light. The warning terms are transmitted over the radio from the central unit (EZE-L) to the EWK-L. Using the cable, up to sixteen slave units AW126-L can be connected and combined into a chain of warning devices.

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Rental of warning systems (M2S):
+41 62 749 0 777 (7x24h)

Machine warning systems (MWK):
+41 62 749 0 695

Permanent warning systems (PWA/ISP):
+41 62 749 0 771 (7x24h)

Level crossings (flex/eBue):
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  • Automatic level adaption (ALADIN) or manual volume 108 / 114 / 120 / 126 dB(A)
  • Alternating dual frequency tone with optimal penetration and perceptibility
  • "Visual only" warning mode with warning light for noise-optimized construction site
  • EWK-L as a wireless-warning device independent of location within a construction site
  • Cable connection for slave units AW126-L
  • Manually operated single warning device or chains of warning devices
  • Very energy efficient battery operation (capacity sufficient for one work shift)
  • External power supply simplifies the operation at long-term construction sites
Important features

Radio-controlled EWK-L

As a wireless single warning device, the EWK-L may be controlled via EZE-L and can be moved anywhere within a construction site. The device can also be operated as a manually operated warning device using a hand switch (typhon horn). No further warning devices are connected via CAN cable.

Wired AW126-L

Via CAN cable, up to 16 AW126-L can be connected to an EWK-L and combined to a warning chain. The device can be operated manually, using a hand switch (typhon horn).

External power supply option

The external power supply simplify es the operation at long-term construction sites. This allows the continuous operation using grid or vehicle power supply and provides electricity to warning devices (EWK-L, AW126-L and other devices) via a power box. This also serves as a central strike-in/strike-out point for all devices. Energy storage devices can bridge for several hours in case of mains failure.

Automatic Level Adaption ALADIN

Because noise emissions are to be kept to a minimum in residential areas, Schweizer Electronic has integrated ALADIN (Automated Level Adaption Due to Identified Noise) into its EER-L/AW126-L supertone horn. The horn uses built-in microphones to match the required horn volume for each device to the ambient noise levels. In a quiet environment, the horn's volume is automatically cut by 30dB from 126dB to 96dB to put it within the range allowed by regulations. This allows the acoustic warning to be made with maximum safety while keeping noise emissions to a minimum.


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