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Brief information

The Minimel Lynx warning system warns people in the vicinity of the track of approaching trains. In automatic operation as an "Automatic Track Warning System" (ATWS) the train movements are detected by means of rail contacts connected to a transmitter HSF-L. The transmitter transmits the train movement by radio to the EZE-L control centre, which triggers the acoustic and visual warning. The departure of the train from the construction site is detected manually by the safety attendant at the EZE-L control centre or automatically by means of a rail contact.

Minimel Lynx is typically used as ATWS on construction sites with a spatial extension of several hundred metres. In the case of track renewal, it is also used on construction sites with a much larger extension, which are then divided into individual warning sectors several hundred metres long.

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We offer this service

Consulting and sales

Our experienced and competent specialists will be happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable system configuration for your applications. All applications are taken into account and the most economical solution is worked out with you.


You need additional material for a construction site? Or would you like to rent a whole plant without any worries? Our rental professionals will support you in planning the construction site, deliver the required material directly on site and install the system for you - so that your people can start working right away.

For further information, see Renting warning systems


The warning systems are used in all weathers in the harsh construction site environment. To ensure that all devices function reliably at all times, we will be happy to carry out the legally required periodic maintenance for you. If necessary, we repair damaged devices quickly and easily and ensure that you can do your work at any time with replacement devices.

For further information see: Maintenance of warning systems

Education and training

Safety on railway construction sites is our top priority. Our courses and training for operators, fitters and planners are consistently geared to this goal The practice-oriented training with many application examples ensures the course participants are suitably proficient and competent. Further information about our courses and registration can be found here.

For further information, see Training warning systems

  • Suitable for any size of construction site - modular system design
  • Quick to set up - lower costs and usability even on small construction sites
  • Shorter work interruptions - warning at exactly the right time at any location on large construction sites through Automatic Sector Switching ASU
  • Increased safety - automatic train detection with maximum reliability
  • Cost saving - fully automatic operation without fuse posts / advance warning
  • Long-term investment protection - full backwards compatibility
  • Smaller investments and greater capacity utilisation - all types of construction sites can be secured with the same equipment
  • Depending on requirements, the line can be operated fully automatically or semi-automatically with manual counting of the train
  • Operation with external power supply reduces operating costs (battery replacement)
  • Separate train detection of up to 4 announcement units
  • The operation of several systems on one radio frequency allows the division of construction sites into sectors
  • The system can be expanded at any time at low cost thanks to our extensive rental offer
About the machine

Automatic warning range switching

Long construction sites are typically divided into warning areas with a length of 800 m. As construction work progresses, construction machinery, road-rail excavators and mobile construction teams often change their location between these warning sectors. With the Automatic Sector Switching Unit (ASU), the warning sector is automatically changed without any action on the part of the machine operator. This guarantees timely and localised warning within the sectors at all times. Safety and availability are thus increased. In addition, work can be continued without interruption when changing sectors. This enables a more efficient construction site operation.

Noise protection through automatic volume adjustment

To avoid unnecessary noise, Schweizer Electronic devices warn just as loud as necessary - not louder. This is made possible by the clever automatic adjustment of the sound level with ALADIN (=Automated Level Adaption Due to Identified Noise), with which every Starktonhorn from Schweizer Electronic is equipped. By means of the microphone built into each horn, the warning device individually controls the necessary warning volume to match the ambient noise. If the environment is quiet, the warning volume is automatically reduced from 126dB to 96 dB. Thus the acoustic warning is issued with maximum safety and at the same time noise emissions are reduced to a minimum.

Energy supply of the plant

Power is supplied to the wired devices via the Lynx Power Box, which is connected to the 230V mains or to an emergency power group. The Power Box also serves the operator as an on/off switch for the system.
The radio-based devices are equipped with powerful rechargeable batteries. This ensures the self-sufficient operation of the train detection system for an entire work shift.