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Innovation for the protection of level crossings

The main characteristics of the innovative barrier flex barr is the modular concept. This simplifies the initial assembling and has a big cost efficiency in maintenance and storage. The little weight of the modules with - at the same time - very high consistency can be reached with a special GFK sleeve method. The modulare and plugable installation reduced the assembling time and repair time and reaches a faster maintenance and higher availability.

flex barr- the modular barrier
flex barr- the modular barrier

Application area

The barrier flex barr can be used for level crossings of a maximal lengh of 12 m. Optional the barrier can be equipped with hanging fence, lighting,  and break monitoring.

flex barr - the light barrier
flex barr - the light barrier


  • Modular setup
  • GFK: High consistancy with low weight
  • Long life time, min. 25 Jahre
  • Assembling by one person possible
  • No splayed fracture
  • Fulfills Norm EN50125-3
  • Electrical isolated
  • Anchoring, hanging fence and stabilizer link available


flex barr consists of fiber-glass reinforced plastics (GFK) with round profile. The barrier is build based on single modules with a maximal length of 4m. The assembing to the requested barrier length is pluggable. The short modules can be handled, transported and stored very simiple. Due to the modular setup after a break only the affected module must be replaced. The isolated material protects humans and material from touching the contact wire.


flex barr - configuration
flex barr - configuration
flex barr - configuration
flex barr - configuration

Technical data

  • Barrier length 2 m – 12 m
  • Form round profile
  • Basic color white
  • Film strong retro reflected (red / white)
  • Basic material barrier fiber-glass reinforced plastics (GFK)
  • Attachments Anchoring, hanging fence, stabilizer link, kickstand
  • Life time > 25 years
  • Environmental requirements based on EN50125-3 (Wind up to 126 km/h)
flex barr - the light barrier
flex barr - the light barrier

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