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flex basic

With the level crossing flex basic Schweizer Electronic offers a signal technical secure and cost-efficient level crossing system. It is build based on common and reliable industrial components. Equipped with leading LED- and treadle technology.

Application area 1

Route level crossing
Route unit
Type of monitoring: ÜS


Level crossings on clear tracks without dependant railway control center. This equipment can f.i. be used in the variance of full level crossings, half level crossings or double-half level crossings or as signaling unit with barriers. For the train notification all common rail connections can be used. Semi-railway control center dependances like activation on control center can be realized.

Application area 2

Level crossings on railway stations
Station unit
Type of monitoring: HP


Level crossing with dependancy to railway control centers. With interfaces to common used railway control centers, flex level crossing systems can be used in dependance of a railway control center without its own signal control and train activation. The flex system is ready to exchange data over the serial interface with the railway control center.

Application area 3

Independant Self locking device
Secure closing / Secure activation
Type of monitoring: ÜSoE


The, as said, „Secure closing“ in combination with „Secure activation“ (train activation) is part of the standard feature of flex system platform. Therefore independant self locking systems without direct trainstop can be realized. Beside high cost-reductions also the closing times of level crossing can be optimized.

Application area 4

LSA / VRA units


With correct interfaces and common used principle circuits the flex level crossing system can be used in combination with a traffic control system or a signaling system for the road traffic. Simple light signaling systems can be integrated directly in the flex control, respectively build as additional function in the same control unit. An additional LSA-control unit is not necessary.

Application area 5

demanded level crossing
call barrier


Manual operated level crossings as well as classical call level crossings can be realized based on flex system platform. The behaviour of the barrier after the train passing can be configured based on customers requirements.

Technical data

  • Type of monitoringÜS /KL
  • Type of tracsksingle or double rails
  • Operation Half or full barrier ÜS / LZH / LZ / LZHH /LZV
  • locaton in rail networkrailway station of clear tracks
  • Signalisation against road32 switching lights or light signals red/yellow; 16 barriers; 2 acustical signals
  • control unit agains train train protection and control light / monitoring signal
  • Activation by train Treadle
  • De-activation by train Axle-counter / Tracks
  • Speed railway Until 140 km/h
  • Power 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption at train ride ~ 240 VA
  • Voltage 24 VDC
  • Autonomous time out of USV Typisch ca. 2 h, nach Anfrage
  • Failure indication SMS / Email
  • Incident memory Diagnose-PC with Touchscreen
  • Temperature range Climate class T1 based on EN50125-3
  • Vibrations, oscillation, tilt up to 1 m close to tracks based on EN50125-3
  • Norms based on CENELECEN 50129, EN 50126, EN 50128 / SIL3

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