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tl_files/content/Produkte/Logos/Bahnuebergaenge/Auspraegungen/Label-Flex-Allgemein.jpgmaintenance - (service, emergency response, support, maintenance)

In conjunction with our systems we offer complete services for support, intervention and maintenance of the systems or support our clients in their autonomous services.

Support hotline

If problems or questions are coming up we are available 24 h / 7 days on our support hotline. We set high value on uncomplicated and professional support. Therefore you will never be connected with a Call center but directly with one of our experienced employees.

You will find the contact details here.

Service & maintenance

Together with our experienced team we carry out service and maintenance tasks on systems and components efficiently and competent. In the frame of service contracts we offer full-service solutions as complete service packages.

Spare parts management

We guarantee our clients a 25 years spare parts guarantee for our systems. Due to that reason we have a permanent spare parts management and satisfy your request with our large storage in a short period of time.

Deconstruction & disposal

We take over the deconstruction of disused systems and components and guarantee their proper and environmentally responsive disposal.

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