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Free of obsolescence

The obsolescence problem

The issue of obsolescence haunts railway technologies since the introduction of electronic signalling systems and
gains importance and relevance to the railway companies. Therefore, during the design process of the flex system it was one of the top priorities not just to manage the obsolescence problem but instead to eliminate it completely. We were able to achieve this goal since the flex system is designed almost entirely based on standard industrial components. At the same time, expensive and time-consuming proprietary technologies were limited to an absolute minimum. As a result, the flex technology is oriented to long term enduring industrial standards rather than depending on the short life cycles of specific products or technologies.

The best example for the consequent usage of the approach is flex control the level crossing control system which was due to an intelligent concept nearly fully constructed based on industrial components with standardized functions as well as standardized interfaces. Is it planned to take a component out of order, it can be replaced by a similar product without development effort.

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