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Mechanical rail treadle (RSK89)

Minimel-RSK89 is the proven mechanical rail treadle for detecting the movement of trains. The rail treadles can be used as strike-in or strike-out points. Train movements are automatically detected according to the direction of travel.

RSK89 detects trains mechanically by means of a shift finger. The robust design has proven itself thousands of times in the field.

The rail treadle is directly mounted on the track and can be easily installed and removed. At the strike-in point one RSK89 is installed, while at the strike-out point two RSK89 are installed. Multiple strike-in and strike-out points can be cascaded. There is no additional power supply required for operation. Via connection to the HSF-L, a radio  connection to the EZE-L is established. The RSK89 is compatible with the existing cable systems Minimel 95.

application/pdf Download Flyer RSK89 (3.8 MiB)

Your benefits at a glance

  • Automatic train detection
  • Robust design
  • Tried and tested several times in the field
  • Can be used as a strike-in or strike-out point
  • Compatible with existing cable systems Minimel 95
  • Can be cascaded with multiple strike-in /strike-out points
  • Radio connection to the EZE-L via HSF-L
  • RSK89 does not need additional power supply

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