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Automatic train warning systems (ATWS)

Minimel 95 is the warning system for safeguarding work areas in the rail transport area. Minimel 95 registers train movements in a multiple of track situations and guarantees individual and/or collective warning at the appropriate time and locality.

System configuration (ATWS)
System configuration (ATWS)


The Minimel 95 ATWS warning system detects approaching rail vehicle and transmits the detection signals by cable or radio link to a central controller. The signals are processed in the central controller and routed to the connected warning unit to alert personnel working on the track. The rail vehicle is also detected as it leaves the danger zone, and the warning is cleared.

Minimel 95 ATWS-systems are fail-safe to protect worksites in the field of track-bound transportation systems.

The quick set-up and versatile expansion possibilities of the Minimel 95 warning system allow it to be used at all sites of work to provide safe warning to personnel working on the track. The system is suitable for use on small-scale, short-term work sites with a low number of warning units and also major, long-term work sites.




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