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Central controller (ZE)

Minimel 95- ZE is the central controller that registers and analyses train movements. When activated, the warning information is given to the next downstream unit.With clear structure to the operator panel, and controls keep to an absolute minimum, the central controller can be adjusted to the rail situation immediately.

Minimel 95 - central controller (ZE)
Minimel 95 - central controller (ZE)

Example of use

  • Dual track lines
  • Dual track bi-directional operation
  • Multiple track lines through cascading
  • Station areas


  • Automat
  • Semi-automatic, with/without train memory
  • Track change
  • Manual initiation
  • Resetting of construction site movements
  • Fault indication
  • Incident reporting

Technical data

  • DimensionsB485xH515xD385mm
  • Weight25.5kg
  • Ambient temperatur- 30° C to +70°C
  • Power supply2x12V  battery or external: 12/24V, main supply 230/50 Hz (+10-15%); protective insulated
  • ProtectionIP 54

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