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Collective warning unit (KWA)

Minimel 95 - KWA is the collective warning system of the Minimel 95 - product line. It is controlled by the Minimel 95 - ZE and gives warning via lamps and horns. The warning system can be expanded to any size by cascading additional Minimel 95 - KWA's. The warning equipment, warning (rotary) lamps and horns are directly driven by the Minimel 95 - KWA. The warning equipment can even be used in tight spaces.

Minimel 95 collective warning unit (KWA)
Minimel 95 collective warning unit (KWA)

Example of use

  • Large to small construction sites
  • Long-term construction
  • Tunnel and bridge construction sites
  • Construction sites in a station area


  • Main ON/OFF switch
  • Optical and acoustic warning
  • Only optical warning
  • Warning message Ro1 (WA1) or Ro2 (WA2)
  • Fault alarm always acoustic
  • Mode selection switch
  • Fault indication
  • Incident reporting

Technical data

  • Dimensions B485xH515xD385mm
  • Weight 21kg
  • Ambient temperature - 30°C to +70°C
  • Type of protection IP 54 earth free, protective insulated
  • Power supply  230V/50 Hz (+10-15%); battery 24 V DC 

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