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minimel®95 - Personal warning unit (EPW)

minimel®95 - EPW is the radio controlled single warning personal warning unit for individual acoustic warnings directly on the ear. Individuals can be optimally warned within the construction site situation. The compact design of the headphones permits the wearing of ear protectors.

Example of use

  • Small construction sites
  • Travelling construction sites
  • Short-term construction sites
  • Large construction sites with warning independent of location


  • Acoustic warning
  • 2 headphones
  • Incident reporting

Technogical data

  • Dimensions B85xH210xD35mm
  • Weight 580g (incl. battery and case) or 380g (without battery)
  • Ambeint temperatur - 20°C to +70°C
  • Type of security IP 65
  • Power supply 2 batteries of 3.6 V DC

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