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Radio central controller (EZE)

Minimel 95 - EZE is the single warning central unit which registers train movements transmitted by radio and transmits their warning information to the radio controlled warning unit. For short-term or moving construction sites in semi-automatic operation, the Minimel 95 - EZE can manage the train movements itself. Automatic operation is possible in connection with a Minimel 95 - ZE.

Minimel 95 - Radio central controller (EZE)
Minimel 95 - Radio central controller (EZE)

Example of use

  • Small construction sites
  • Travelling construction sites
  • Short-term construction sites
  • Large construction sites with warning independent of locality
  • Construction trains


  • Automatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • Manual initiation
  • Resetting of construction site movements
  • Manual switch
  • RO1/RO2 (WA1/WA2) two different warning signals
  • Fault indication
  • Incident reporting

Technical data

  • Dimensions B320xH640xD220mm
  • Weight 20kg (incl. 2 internal rechargeable batteries BAT12-95)
  • Ambient temperatur - 30°C to +70°C
  • Type of protection IP 54 double insulated case
  • Battery operation 12 or 24 V DC
  • Main power supply 230 (+10% / -15%) V AC, 50 Hz

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